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About Us.

Tibet Crafts Wholesale is owned and managed by C2A Enteprise, registered in Ecuador. Started as small local crafts business in 2004, now we are offering wide range of artesanal products from 3 different countries (Ecuador, Peru and Tibet/China). Please check our other websites as well: Ecuador Crafts, Tagua Store, Peruvian Crafts, Crafts.ec.

We send products all over the world and during years we established a lot of contacts and we got strong business relationships with ethnic shops, resellers and particular buyers.

With us you get high quality service and very competitive prices. Our goal is complete clients satisfaction. Any inquiry we always respond fast and we send products either with certified mail or express, which gives garantee orders are arriving to their destinations. Buy with confidence.

We are selling original, handmade, distinctive trendy jewelry for the contemporary and fashionable women. Our designers work hard to come up with new trendy designs and interesting combinations of nature's material! They create everything from necklaces and earrings sets to bracelets and rings - some of them made with fish bone, beads, horn, seeds, stones, and other natural materials.

An amazing gift for someone special, or something to add style and fashion to your wardrobe, our distinctive accessories are so extraordinary as the women who buy them. We have developed a high fashion, unique, trendy, wholesale accessory line for every woman and every expression.

We mostly sell products in wholesale, but we are not limiting with any minimum amounts. Anytime its possible to place order even just few units of any products. However, due to postal rates and discount politics it will be much cheaper to buy bigger amount at once than to order by small quanities more times.

We are both manufacturers and exporters of the handmade jewelry, acessories and crafts of different types.

Please contact us for any additional information.